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Teaching and Technology Links

over 3 years ago

The links below will  help you integrate teaching, learning and technology. 

  • Research for Better Teaching: The goals of this site are to (1) develop teacher evaluation systems (2) train data coaches and data teams (3) develop leadership skills for strong school culture and (4) provide professional development capacity to ensure skillful teaching. Also see their VIDEO LIBRARY

  • APA Model: This PDF document outlines exactly how to write a term paper using the APA format

  • CA Standardized Testing and Reporting Program: Visit this site to view test data for your school and district.  

  • Child Safety and the Internet: What do you need to do to keep children safe on the Internet?  This site tells you.

  • Child Protective Services Form: You can fill out the fields right on the document in Word (easier), or print it out first and write in the information.  If you are told anything by a student that raises a concern, you are required by law to report it to CPS.  The number for calling in a report is 1-800-558-3665 (open for business 24/7).  If they ask you to FAX a copy of the report, their FAX number is 558-3268

  • Citation Machine: Just fill in the blanks and it formats your citation for you in APA or MLA formats

  • Computer Basics: This PowerPoint tutorial teaches you how to manage files and folders, create hyperlinks, and send attachments.

  • Copyright and Fair-Use Guidelines: We shouldn't take what isn't ours. Learn about copyright and fair-use guidelines. 

  • Content Standards for CA Publics Schools: These California content standards define the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level.

  • Mozilla Composer: Use this online tutorial to design and publish your own web site.

  • Lesley Library: The Lesley University Library connects you to information services and resources in support of teaching, learning, and creative achievement that promote lifelong learning and social responsibility.

  • Filamentality: This site lets you post questions, hyperlinks, lessons, and projects onto the web. 

  • Free Online Surveys: Create your own free online survey in under 10 minutes.  Easy to use, too! 

  • Formatting Images: This tutorial shows you how to make your images behave.  You'll learn how to crop, move, resize, and use the Drawing and Picture toolbars. 

  • Grammer Help: Are you frustrated by poor writing, grammar, and syntax?  Use these PowerPoint lessons to improve your students' writing skills.

  • Microsoft Word - Tips for Success: How can you quickly determine the reading level of your students?  How can you collect up to 24 pieces of information on a single electronic clipboard?  What are smart tags?  What is an easy way to map ideas and concepts?  Where do you go to download templates for awards, communications, and calendars? How can you create a visual tutorial?

  • Multiple Intelligence Lesson Plan: Take one simple task and teach it in 8 different ways.  These lesson plan templates show you how.

  • Newsletter Rubric: What are the elements of a good  newsletter?  Click the link to find out 

  • Powerpoint in the Classroom: Learn how to build a professional looking electronic slide show in minutes at this site

  • Project-Based Learning: These are long-term, interdisciplinary, student-centered technology-based projects. Students must learn many skills – including teamwork – in order to succeed.

  • Rubrics: A good evaluation tool should yield the same results when used by others.

  • Software Evaluation: Easy to use tool

  • Teaching Performance Expectations: As you discover electronic resources for your students, identify which teaching standard you are addressing.